UK Government set to tackle air pollution

Believe it or not, under the governments previous plan, some parts of the UK would not have met EU standard Nitrogen oxide levels until 2030. That would mean millions would be exposed to the same levels of the harmful pollutant for another thirteen years.

Not only are they bad for our planet, but they’re bad for our lungs too. With decreased lung function, increased allergen reaction and other respiratory conditions caused by nitrogen oxide alone, the UK government has seen the light and is finally clamping down on these pesky pollutants for good.

The government is set to publish a draft bill which will include a number of measures to tackle air pollution, a lot of which is caused by diesel cars. The bill will probably include measures like scrappage schemes for cars which give off lot’s of dirty air in places which already suffer the ill effects. Speed bumps may be removed from these areas as-well. This will stop cars from having to slow down and speed up again which causes more pollutants stick to certain areas such as nearby buildings or trees.

The general election is set to be an exciting one, but will the government play its part in tackling air pollution?

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