Uber will soon be banned from Italy

The news that Uber will soon be completely banned in Italy comes as a welcome relief to Taxi drivers across Europe and the UK. The notion that the service can be banned after a hard fought, but worthwhile, court battle propels other drivers to fight back wherever they can.

Smaller Taxi groups are finding themselves put under increasing pressure to market more effectively, but without the tools which Uber provides their customers and drivers, it’s a difficult job to undertake. Other Taxi companies are taking on the tools necessary to compete, but this still leaves the smaller groups behind.

TaxiCall is the way forward for smaller Taxi groups. 

We provide the tools to keep on top of the competition and we brand them with your logo so that customers know exactly what and who they’re getting. Supporting smaller groups is what we do, so our tools are affordable and easy to use no matter what situation your group is in.

We know the driver is the beating heart of every taxi group, so our tools provide you with everything you need to keep that heart beating.